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Drip Slipper®
Fits under any car or truck
Catches more fluid than other pans
Empties easily
No spill pour spout
Compact Storage


Drip Slipper Model DSA25 - $400.00 for 1

Save money when you buy 2 - $550.00 for 2

Prices include freight to many destinations
(Business delivery only)

Sales tax will be added for sales within Kansas

Orders usually ship the next business day
Transit time to most destinations is 1-4 days
(8 -10 days to Alaska)


  Lamar Automotive Pittsburg
  769 East 520th Avenue
  Pittsburg, KS 66762
  Ph 913-403-9865


Made in the USA


Lamar Automotive Pittsburg   769 East 520th Avenue, Pittsburg, KS 66762 913-403-9865     volvoman43@gmail.com

Automotive and Industrial Drip Pan