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Drip Slipper®
Fits under any car or truck
Catches more fluid than other pans
Empties easily
No spill pour spout
Compact Storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Drip Slipper so big?
The Drip Slipper was designed to catch all the anti-freeze from any type of cooling system repair job. Any time a vehicle cooling system is opened, the anti-freeze tends to run down along the engine and frame. When the Drip Slipper is positioned under the engine, most if not all of the fluids are contained within the pan.
How does the Drip Slipper help the environment?

1. The fluid can be transferred easily to a waste recycling container so the chemicals can be reused.

2. Chemicals spilled on the ground can potentially reach the ground water. Keeping the chemicals off the ground can prevent that from happening.

3. Eliminates or reduces the amount of water used in mopping up the fluid.

4. Reduces energy usage because the water used in mopping up doesn't get there under it's own power - it has to be pumped!

5. Reduces fuel usage - The kitty litter that most shops use has to be trucked to the shop location.

6. Sometimes the chemicals that are drained out are put back into the vehicle. If the chemicals are on the floor, it's hard to get them back in the vehicle.

7. Clean floors make a safer working environment. Less injuries mean huge savings - monetarily and environmentally.

How can I store such a big drip pan?
Under a car
Upright against the wall
Hung on the wall
Outside behind shop (tethered)
How much fluid will the Drip Slipper hold?
The Drip Slipper has a maximum capacity of 10 gallons. We recommend that you empty the pan when it is half full (about 5 gallons) to prevent spilling the contents on the floor.
I have to put a jack stand under the engine to get to the water pump. Can I place the jack stand inside the Drip Slipper to hold up the engine?
Yes, but put the jack stand near the center of the pan and use a piece of 1/4 inch plywood under the jack stand to prevent it from gouging into the plastic of the pan.
How do I clean the Drip Slipper?
For anti-freeze, first rinse with water then wipe dry with a shop towel.
For oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid, use an approved cleaner like Brake Clean.
For other fluids, follow the manufacturer's instructions on the product label.
What is the warranty on the Drip Slipper?
Click here for warranty information
Is the Drip Slipper compatible with jet engine fluids?
Yes. The polyethylene material is perfect for jet fuel and hydraulic fluid.
Can you ship outside the United States?

Made in the USA

Lamar Automotive Pittsburg   769 East 520th Avenue, Pittsburg, KS 66762 913-403-9865     volvoman43@gmail.com

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