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Drip pan drain pan

Drip Slipper®Fits under any car or truckCatches more fluid than other pansEmpties easilyNo spill pour spout

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I am writing this letter to thank you for inventing such a labor saving device. The Drip Slipper® really is a mechanic's dream come true, not to have to worry about anti-freeze clean-up in the shop area. Your wonderful invention makes doing any thermostat, heater hose, water pump, or radiator repair a breeze.

Thanks again,
Mike D. Cevoiserat/Owner
Ross Automtive, Inc.
Olathe, KS

We have been using your undercar drip pans for several years and have been very satisfied. They fit under the car nicely and the tip-up drain is a great feature. As you know, in an automotive environment they get used and abused, but have held up well. We will be buying more as our business expands. Thank you for selling a product that we can depend on.

Dick Jobe/Owner
Downtown Import Service
Kansas City, MO

We at Vern's use our drip pan routinely. It is the best device we know of for catching fluids such as anti-freeze, dripping engine oil, transmission fluid etc. It also prevents hazardous working conditions by keeping our floors clean and eliminates time wasted cleaning up.

Vernon J. Rowland/Owner
Vern's Import Service
Merriam, KS


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